Oct 2006

by adg on Tue Oct 03, 2006 8:28 am
It's that time of year when we love to be out on the road. We're heading through some beautiful country during the fall leg of our Family Legacy Tour. Abe, Sarah Lee, Johnny, Gordon & I along with our crew, Mary-Lyn, Jill and Mikey are gearing up and putting together the last minute details before we hit the trail. A few days ago I had the pleasure of getting together with my old pal Pete Seeger for a little gig at the Dream Away Lodge - It rained like hell, but we had a great time anyway. I walked up to Pete before the gig and asked "What are we going to do?" He just looked up and said, "Midnight Special." 40 years earlier he had the same answer to the same question. It's nice to know some things don't change all that much.

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