Mar 2007

Last 2 Months of the Legacy Tour!
by adg on Sun Mar 11, 2007 7:17 am
Pretty soon we head out on the road again. It's been an amazing year so far with Abe, Sarah Lee, Johnny and Gordon doing the Guthrie Family Legacy Tour. The Legacy train pulls into the last station May 13th In Black Mountain, NC. It's been more than wonderful working with everyone for the past year. Abe and Gordon have been with me now for a long, long time doing more gigs than I can remember. It'll be quite a change when we pick up our marbles and go our separate ways. I don't know if we have enough good recordings from the tour to come out with a CD but Abe will be going through what we have. I know there are some tapes floating around, hopefully everyone who wants to, has heard one of the gigs.

It seems like just yesterday we were beginning the Alice 40th Anniversary Tour with The Mammals. Time is going by pretty quickly. Now, we're on the last 8 weeks of this one. The concert seasons still confuse me... Beginning as they do in June and ending in May. I'm still working in a calendar year mindset. Hard for an old dog to learn new tricks I guess. But, I just wanted to let everyone who visits us here at that we do appreciate all the support we've been getting to make all these tours successful.

See you somewhere...
Our FrequenSEA Website & Info UPDATE!
by adg on Sun Mar 11, 2007 4:20 pm

[#2 Update - fixed link to website with Jackie's name. Also tho it's not clear, once at the site go to SIGN IN to get the best prices]

For anyone who read my now deleted post about the product FrequenSEA: We're setting up a better account than the one I had originally posted. FrequenSEA is a new product made primarily of marine phytoplankton and a few other things.

Jackie and I are very excited especially for our friends who are dealing with chronic disease and frustrated by the usual prescription of drugs and their side effects, which almost never get at the root cause of the problem in the first place, treating symptoms rather than the body's own healing mechanism. This stuff begins working at the cellular level restoring vital neurochemicals that tells the body how to heal itself. And it even tastes good.

In addition, any and all profits from the sale through our website go directly to our not-for-profit Guthrie Center (the old church). The GC can use all the help we can give it, and we thought this would be a great way to help you help yourselves and the center at the same time. Much thanks for giving it a shot (and it really makes a difference).

FrequenSEA is only one recommended part of a new approach to health developed by Dr. Jerry Tennant. He calls it Energetic Medicine. I love this guy! Look him up on the web and find out what you can about this wonderful Doc. I'll have more for you shortly, but for now, if you can, get started on those little microscopic creatures. It'll make the rest easier when we get to it. After all, me and sea creatures go way back (although my knowledge of them had to do with a far larger species).

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