Jul 2007

by adg on Tue Jul 10, 2007 6:48 am
It's OUT! Finally available at RSR, Amazon, iTunes and places like that. If anyone has heard it and likes it, please go to any of the above (or all) and add some comments and/or reviews. The review from All Music Guide is whacky, the guy is analyzing me instead of reviewing the CD, and we need all the good thoughts, cards, and letters we can get, to let everyone know about it. The first reviews on iTunes means a lot. Please help. adg
Album Reviews
by Dave on Sat Jul 21, 2007 4:16 pm
Just to add on to what Arlo mentioned earlier... I've added In Times Like These, Live In Sydney, Banjoman, and This Land Is Your Land soundtrack to the discography. That means you can now also review those albums here on the site as well... so if you have 'em or have heard 'em, go drop in a review for any or all of them!

And while I'm working on the discography, if you see something missing, by all means let me know (especially when it comes to those compilation albums). I do know about the things on iTunes that aren't available elsewhere, so you can skip those... but anything else, please let me know! And if you do know of something, if you had the label and catalog information, that would be helpfull as well.

Thanks always for your continued support of the site!!!
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