Oct 2009

Happy Before Thanksgiving Notes
by adg on Tue Oct 20, 2009 12:38 pm
I've had a few days off in Madison, WI and it was just gorgeous. A few nice days before it starts getting cold. We've been wandering the streets checking out the laundromats. Dave is adding some pretty cool features to Arlo.Net and I think we're getting back to being on the cutting edge of things to come. I'm excited anyways. I'll let him introduce the additions as they come along. I love the iPhone stuff - really cool.

There's a lot of places on the web where our friends are gathered or flocked. I've been trying (unsuccessfully) to add additional 'friends' to my FaceBook page because we've reached the limit of 5,000. FaceBook suggested I start a 'fan' page because there's no limit there. However, very few of my friends seem to want to be 'fans.' I'm with them. So there's like 3,000 people waiting to be added. There's also a whole lotta folks on our MySpace page, something like 25,000 friends there. In addition, I've been uploading lots of photographs on my Flickr page. You can go search out any of these and have some fun. If you actually go to Flickr and see something you like, add it as a favorite, which gives the pix more visibility in the Flickr world. We'll get some new victims here to play with as a result. Be nice. Don't scare 'em off.

But, the truth is Arlo.Net is where I reside. This is home. And thanks to all of you regular (not to be confused with normal) people out there it continues to feel like home. So this is my early Thanksgiving note to let you know I'm actually thankful - for all of us, that we have each other. And especially to our road crew - the family and friends we're traveling with as we move around the world. In spite of the troubles all around us, we keep on keeping on. That's all anyone can do - until you can't. Happy Before Thanksgiving! More later - adg
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