Dec 2009

by adg on Fri Dec 25, 2009 9:28 am
Just a short note to wish everyone the best Christmas ever. Everyone seems to celebrate something at this time of year and why not? We have solstice, candles, birthdays, and all kinds of stuff going on, a little something for everyone. I love it all! I love people celebrating for any reason especially when times are tough enuff. I especially love that we can celebrate all these different things in one place at the same time! What a great people we are at times. I guess some will dismiss this as marketing on steroids, but we can celebrate that too.

I raise a glass to everyone everywhere who takes the time to celebrate. Cheers! And a Happy New Year - May the coming year be better than the last, and may all our dreams of a better world unfold day by day, mile after mile, and maybe inch by inch :)

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