Apr 2009

Arlo's Trash In The Smithsonian
by Dave on Wed Apr 01, 2009 2:38 pm
Today it was announced that the most famous trash in the world will soon be on display at the at the Smithsonian's Museum of American History in DC. The actual envelope containing the incriminating evidence will be part of a display for a program on American Popular Song. Also on display will be the "27 8x10 glossy photos with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one..." It has not yet been revealed just who the envelope was addressed to, but rumor has it that it was addressed to Bob Dylan (returned to sender - postage due). When contacted for comment, Dylan's manager Jeff Rosen would neither confirm nor deny the rumor. He did allude to the possibility of Dylan making a brief and informal (18 minute and 20 seconds perhaps???) appearance at the museum towards the end of this month to coincide with the release of his first studio album since 2006.
Website Errors & Problems
by Dave on Sat Apr 18, 2009 4:15 pm
Well, it seems as if our hosting provider CI Host decided to sell off all their shared hosting accounts (including ArloNet) to this other company (X7 Hosting). So they kindly migrated our website to the new company and servers. Frankly, it didn't go smoothly. In fact it's been a major headache since the migration yesterday. Things are broke, things aren't up to date, the web hosting support staff isn't always very helpful. In other words, SHIT IS FUCKED UP AND I'M PISSED!!!

Not only that, but the wonderful folks doing this migration gave me less than 24 hours notice that this was even happening.

I am doing my best to get things back up and working - but it's been a major PITA. I'm still finding what's broken and what isn't working and such. So, if you find something not working or acting weird - please drop a line here to let me know (now that I finally got the forums working again - no help from X7).

Your patience and understanding in this time is greatly appreciated, and I will do my best to get things back up and running ASAP.

As a side note - anyone looking for a web hosting provider, I'd strongly urge you to stay away from both CI Host and X7 Hosting.
One Flu Over The PigBird
by adg on Wed Apr 29, 2009 1:57 pm
[edited to correct things]

The last leg on 'The Lost World Tour' is about to get underway. Meanwhile, my bike is coming out of the shop and the weather is about as good as it gets. Not even pigbird flu can stop me from rolling around the hills of Western Massachusetts. I hope I get a few days in of visiting friends and family in the area. I'm not the least concerned or falling victim to the hype and outrageous assertions being made by the media concerning pigbird flu.

If, however you are not like me, and are concerned, there are a few things to consider. Pigbird flu is not something that seems to be able to develop in the wild. With strains of swine flu and bird flu in the latest variation, it seems almost certain to me that this is a man-made variety. This new version has never ever been seen in pigs, birds or people before. That alone would not make it any less dangerous. It just points to someone playing with 'military chemistry' again.

The thing that does concern me is that most people will fall for the Tamiflu solution which by most reports I've seen is far more dangerous than the pigbird flu itself. I'm taking this very seriously, that's why I posted this. I could stand to be corrected on much of what I write... I usually am. I was probably wrong to call Tamiflu a vaccine for example. But, having said that, it doesn't make it any less dangerous. My docs are telling me that Tamiflu lowers your body temperature, like aspirin and motrin, allowing viruses to grow more rapidly. You get temporary relief, then the infection is often worse with viral pneumonia.

My bet is that most people who have died as a result of this latest episode will have died from complications related to flu - viral pneumonia.

I don't have the flu. I'm fine :)

Finally, there's no evidence to suggest that Tamiflu will actually protect you from getting this never-seen-before version of the flu! At best, it may shorten the time you have to deal with flu by about a day. A person who has taken Tamiflu may also get a second infection when they come into contact with someone with the actual pigbird flu, and this could be a very dangerous event.

If you are nervous or concerned about this stuff, read what you can, do your own research and don't believe everything you hear (even from me). But for heaven's sake, know what it is you're inviting by getting flu shots. Don't be fooled into doing something that could leave you seriously paralyzed, dead or both. We need everyone we got around here.

Lots of love - Ride well...
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