Jun 2009

Back On The Farm
by adg on Mon Jun 08, 2009 11:30 am
It's Spring! Just got back yesterday from a long road trip ending the season in Birmingham, AL with an outdoor gig along with the Alabama Symphony. Beautiful night, cool breeze (it could have been so much worse), and a great bunch of guys & gals in and around the orchestra. I drove 1,000+ miles up to the cool Berkshire Mountains to work in and out of here for the next couple of months. This summer all the gigs are like the old "Alone, Solo & By Himself" gigs I did years ago. That should be a great time.

In other news, I will be closing the 'facebook' account in a few days. It's just an impossible situation that demands more time than I have. I expect a few friends will eventually show up here at arlonet, where I can mange things more easily. I know you'll welcome them - don't scare 'em off immediately.

The Wizard and I will get back to talking about things we can do here that will make arlonet even more compelling (like you don't waste enough time here). Our moderators are the best, keeping us more or less spam-free, and keeping out anyone selling something. On that note, be prepared to laugh your butts off (arlonet makes no claims on weight loss), as a heretofore undiscovered concert from the late '60's makes it way thru the manufacturing process as a NEW ADG CD - "TALES OF '69" makes it way to the RSR store. It's so stupid I almost lost two children (dying of laughter) who were listening to the initial recording. They've recovered but remain forever changed... If I can figure out to show you the cover (here) I will, otherwise just hang in there for a little while (a week or something).

Love to all... Happy Spring! adg
Some... Some... Summertime! CELEBRATE THE 4TH
by adg on Sat Jun 20, 2009 12:57 pm
It's about time! I've been waiting for summer since... well... Last Summer! I get to work a little less even though there's plenty of gigs coming up. I get to spend some time with the offsprings and their offsprings - family time. It won't be long until the dog days of summer give way to the great Fall weather, but meanwhile I'm all excited about gardens, flowers, swimming, stuff like that.

Our Semi-Summer Annual Church Revival at the old church (where we filmed Alice's Restaurant) marks the true beginning of the season. We will celebrate the "Fourth of July" weekend as we often do with our 3 day concert (a fund raiser for the Guthrie Center & Foundation). As always, members and supporters of the Center get advance notice for tix to the event. That has happened and as of now the shows on July 3, 4 & 5, are open to the general public. Call the church for your tix if you haven't already 413.528.1955 - Come On Down (or for most folks - up).

I hope it'll be a great Summer for everyone - Take it easy... adg

For Iran & For The World
by adg on Sun Jun 28, 2009 12:16 pm
I am changing the location of some social networks (Twitter & MySpace etc.) to Tehran, Iran for the purpose of giving the Government there one extra address to wade through as they sneak around spying on their own people. (don't really know if it will help - but WTF)

You guys wearing sacred clothing, holding the Holy Koran in hand, while your thugs beat, maim and kill your fathers, brothers, sisters & mothers - Yeah you guys (if you're reading this) - You have shown the entire world that you would sacrifice your own children for your temporary authority over them even as you KNOW you will grow old and pass away, and they will live to create a world of their own. The only question is how many will perish before you come to your senses or stand before your creator... How much blood will be spilt before your shame overcomes you and you shed tears for forgiveness? If the power of your authority comes only from clubs and guns, what does that say of your God? It would be better to have no faith than to have as little as yours... adg

P.S. Same goes for any nation anywhere, anytime (including ours) when tyrants cover the rotting stench of their cold dying hearts with the outward appearance of holiness.
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