Aug 2009

Sign Of The Times
by adg on Sun Aug 09, 2009 8:34 am
Not only is the ’silent majority’ no longer silent, they’re no longer the majority either.
by adg on Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:14 pm
We have to have a new health-care bill as soon as possible. The insurance companies are killing us the way it is. They are the ones pulling the plug on Grannies (and everyone else) all over the country, by rationing care for profit.

That said: I want to make sure that any new bill does not limit the definition of medical services to what the insurance companies, doctors and government (The FDA, AMA, WHO etc.) have defined as legitimate health care, and is not simply more or better access to the same old stuff. I want to remain free to use herbs, vitamins, minerals and other natural treatments now being outlawed by Codex Alimentarius and other organizations with ties to the World Health Organization and the USA.

I believe there are people of good will who have bad ideas, who would limit the freedoms we have to use or have access to natural medicines and healthy food. Federal and state organizations with connections to multinational corporations are trying to protect me from myself with no credible evidence that I need protection other than from them or their profits. I do not want to have to prove to some authority that my health care regimen is not harmful. This IS still the USA where you should not have to prove you are innocent. Let the science do the math. I do not want doctors acting on behalf of Big Pharma to be my only recourse to health care.

It's simply not enough for the president to say we can keep our insurance if we want to, or join some new public option, without the guarantee of freedom to become healthy in a way we are free to choose. As it is now, I pay for health insurance (by law) that I refuse to use. For example, the insurance companies will not pay for the kind of dental work I want (removing toxic metals, root canals etc. all of which has been proven to my satisfaction to cause catastrophic illness like cancer). Not only that, but the government has just recently determined that the use of mercury in fillings is safe! Anyone (with no vested interests) who investigates this will come to another conclusion.

The effect is that I have to pay twice for the kind of dental health care I want - once to insurance companies, and also to the doctors I actually want to use. If I had cancer, I would certainly not choose to be treated in the USA where the percentage of real recovery is far better in other countries. Will the health care of my kids and grand kids be in some way dependent upon their being vaccinated against diseases where the vaccinations have, in the past, killed more people than the disease they were vaccinating against?

Real reform requires a paradigm shift in our thinking. We must realize that the bottom of the health care reform food chain is FOOD. As long as big money (Monsanto, Big Agra, Big Pharma, Big Soy, Corn, Coke, and Pepsi etc.) keeps us from healthy, real food, natural medicines, and family farms growing organic foods, we will become sicker and sicker ourselves, and more profitable to others.

To sum it up: Will the new health care reform, do more than just recycle the same bad health care to more people for less money? Now is a chance to do more than what's being debated on TV. No one, politically on the right or left or anywhere near the middle has addressed my concerns.
40th Anniversaries
by adg on Thu Aug 20, 2009 8:29 am
Okay, so 40 years ago, August we were at Woodstock. Then that September, Jackie and I bought the farm (as it were), and we're still here. Later, that October we got married on the farm, still married too. Then later in November, Alice's Restaurant (the movie) was released! There hasn't been a four month stretch like that since then! So we're celebrating a lot of 40th things this year.
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