Oct 2010

by adg on Tue Oct 26, 2010 9:45 am
It's getting to be that time of year again. Thanksgiving! For whatever crazy reason the holiday and I are glued together. It's one of those unintentional accidents of nature. But, if you had to get stuck to a holiday, it could be worse than Thanksgiving. For that reason alone I'm pretty thankful.

We're out on the road with the band and having a fabulous time. I love playing some of these songs I can't do when it's just me solo. Some of the songs just beg for the full band we had when we recorded them. I'm doing the annual gig at Carnegie Hall with the University of Kentucky Symphony Orchestra. You don't a bigger band than that! And Abe and Sarah Lee will, for the first time, join me with the orchestra making it truly a family affair. I love working with the family especially at Carnegie where generations of families have come back every year. It's a time to rekindle the spirit and to share the visions and dreams moving through the families and friends for whom it has become a tradition.

Usually our family has stayed close to home for the Thanksgiving holiday. We've made our way over to the church (The Guthrie Center at The Old Trinity Church) for the annual free Thanksgiving Dinner That Couldn't Be Beat. This year they'll have to feast without us. Something has come up and we won't be able to join the local crowd. I'm not at liberty to divulge anything but there's not many things that would keep us away at that time - this is one.

There's so much exciting news and we're continuing to forge ahead with long held plans and dreams of our own. I will hopefully begin the new year by bringing you all up to date with details I can't go into until then. I've learned not to count those birds in your hand until they're actually in your hand, never mind the ones in the bushes. So much for explanations.

In the meanwhile, I do wish everyone reading this a thankful heart and a spirit of gratitude. There is nothing that shakes the world more than someone who understands how powerful it is to be thankful for being yourself. First of all, it means that no one else has to be you - that's almost good enough! As I accept myself, with all my faults and craziness, I naturally have to accept other people too for who they are. And there are some really crazy people out there! I love 'em. And I love that they are willing to be themselves. It keeps the rest of us more or less… well, us!

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