May 2010

One Tour Down - More coming Up
by adg on Thu May 13, 2010 5:22 pm
We did the last full show of the "Rides Again" tour in Spokane the other night and finished up with two slightly shorter shows at The Ellen Theater in Bozeman, MT. We rarely do two gigs in one night, but the first show sold out so quickly we had to add another. From Bozeman the family and crew go off in different directions, some going back to the farm, some heading to Yellowstone for a look around, and I'm heading down to The CrabHouse in Florida to pick up my car and head north for the first of the solo summer shows in Westbury, NY. Looks like I'll be spending most of my summer with these Solo gigs both here in the USA and overseas.

I can't say enough about how much we enjoyed the last year. It's a good thing Mrs G recorded almost all of it on video. Expect to see some more videos of the highlights either at the RSR website, or on Youtube. It's going to be lonely on stage after this tour, but I'll have some fun as always. Then later on this year, I'll pick up the Burns Sisters and the great band I had for the "Lost World" tour. We'll continue into 2011 with the "Journey On" tour (begins in Oct.). New songs, some good old ones etc. That is something I'm looking forward to.

But, before we completely end the one we're on, let me thank everyone who made this happen - Our great drivers Walt and Ashely who got us everywhere we needed to be; BC as always made us sound good; Sam - we just plain love Sam; Lisa fixed everyone (Both Sam and Lisa made sure the littlest ones were on stage at the right moments), Terry - Just a pleasure as you have been for the last 30 years; Sarah Lee & Johnny - who opened up the show every night with their great songs; Cathy and Annie - so great to have you both on the road this time (and Ramsay who came for the CA leg, fun singing with you); Krish - I think you're in the band at this point & Mo - for the first time out playing the bass, it was awesome; and Serena! Wow I'll never forget those moments at each show backstage when you were getting ready to go out to sing or play, just so awesome having you there. And Levon & Izzy, Olivia, Jacklyn, Marjorie & Sophia - you guys probably won't read this, but it was so much fun having you there. You all sang great!!!

Lastly - Abe… who may actually read this: There's no way your dad could have done this without you. Not going to get smutty on ya, but you make it possible… You de best.

And beyond lastly - Mrs G - so much fun having you out on the road for the whole tour!!! Last time we did that was the '84 tour (somewhere around there), when our kids were about the age of the grandkids now. Your videos will keep folks entertained for years and years to come, and give you something to do for the next year or two. Happy editing love :)
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