Aug 2010

Ireland Summer 2010
by adg on Tue Aug 10, 2010 6:28 am
We're making our way thru Ireland and having a lovely time. I've even see the sun a few times. Today I'm in Galway and the weather is like a cool fall day in Massachusetts, sunny and brisk. I've played the Roisin Dubh a few times over the years, and I'm looking forward to it again. So far I've been to Belfast, Culdaff, Sligo, and Castlebar - all really fun crowds for the most part. It's hard to believe I'm about half way thru the Irish part of the tour already, seems like it's coming to an end before it even gets started. Just another week to go then on to Scotland, England and then up over to Denmark for the Tønder Festival.
On Thru The UK
by adg on Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:33 am
Well, we did our last gig in Ireland at The National Theatre in Dublin. Jess Klein was the support act for the entire Irish leg of the tour and had some wonderful friends join her onstage in Dublin. Jess was great fun traveling around - looking for actual veggies in a meat and potato country. Her songs were great and by the end of the two-week tour I was playing along backstage. We left her with friends to continue our journey.

The next day we traveled up the coast and grabbed a ferry to Scotland making our way into Glasgow. Glasgow is a great city and it's too bad we're just running thru without being able to hang out for a few days. My father came thru here during WWII as a merchant marine, and there are people still talking about it. I did a radio interview and they showed me an old record (vinyl) where a guy had recorded the entire 'Massacree' 30 years ago. He knew it better than I did. So tonight I have a gig at the Old Fruitmarket then off in the morning again. That's the update. Not much to tell... It just continues :)
Summer Tour In Europe Comes To An End
by adg on Sun Aug 29, 2010 11:58 am
Last night in Tønder I did the last set of my summer tour of Europe. Had a great time with he Tønderhalle packed with friends. I really love this festival and plan to keep coming back. The entire time over here has been really wonderfully crazy going from 25,000 people one night in Germany to a couple of hundred in Ireland almost the next day. My grandson, Mo (Annie's son) joined me in Dublin and has been a huge help lugging things around and getting to see what it's like on the other side of the pond. Mo went thru Ireland, Scotland, England and Denmark checking it all out.


Now we're getting ready to close the Tønder Festival onstage this evening with any of the artists still around and still able to walk. They do love their beer. Tomorrow we head to Frankfurt, Germany for an overnight stay before catching the flight back to Massachusetts the following day. We'll arrive in Boston the last day of August 2010. I'll get about two days to unpack throw it all in the washer, fold it back up and head to the Left Coast for The Strawberry Festival in Yosemite. Then it's off to Colorado Springs, CO for the actual last gig of the summer. It'll be really awesome to get some real downtime back at The Farm - a few weeks at least before we start putting the "Journey On" together with the band and The Burns Sisters. That's a tour I've been looking forward to since we ended the "Lost World Tour" in May 2009 in Durham, NC at The Carolina Theater. For anyone who missed any of those shows, now's the time to plan on catching it if we're nearby. See you somewhere!

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