Jan 2011

by adg on Mon Jan 31, 2011 12:46 pm
I'm finding it hard to believe I haven't had a chance to update arlo.net since last Thanksgiving. Jackie and I have been enjoying the first real break in a long, long time. Our house in Sebastian has, after almost 25 years, been finished. It's been a long time coming with a few odds and ends to finish up. But, we're here. and thankful. On the other hand I'm missing the mountain in Massachusetts, with one of the best winters we've had in many years, at least as far as snow goes. Guess you can't have it both ways.

In the meantime, I've simplifying things - abandoning the chatter of FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter etc. I didn't realize how time consuming all that stuff was until I just went ahead and shut it all down. Most anyone I actually know or care about is connected here at arlo.net anyway. And without the ads, sales-pitches and self-promoting garbage entering my field of view, it's been fairly peaceful. The world looks a little better without the technology at times. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's all great stuff, but sometimes enuff is too much.

I've been slowly adding date and gig info into the schedule for anyone interested, and Dave is talking about updating the calendar in ways I don't understand - but it's always good. Also, we're finishing up the logistical support for the 2nd leg of the "Journey On" tour. We'll be ready to roll pretty soon. And I can hardly wait! With Abe, Terry, Bobby, Jody and Jeannie, Annie and Marie - it's been awesome!

There'll be a few surprises as far as venues go, and I'll add them as soon as they're confirmed. Things are looking good :)

See You Somewhere,
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