Feb 2011

Stickin' to the Union
by adg on Mon Feb 21, 2011 6:55 pm
Back in 1776 a whole new nation was formed. Thirteen British colonies tried unsuccessfully to have the concerns of their citizens heard or taken seriously by the empire across the Atlantic. So the colonists formed themselves into a union. The preamble to the constitution begins with these words "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union…" A more perfect union was the very first reason for the founding of The United States of America. America IS a union. You can't be anti-union and pro-America at the same time. Period.

I just returned from a three day gig in Milwaukee, WI. it was 4 degrees outside. If you think that's cold, you're right. But it's not nearly as chilly as the reception the union guys are getting from the governor and his buddies in the state government. I'm an American, and therefore I'm a union guy. I'm hoping for a little more common sense on all sides as we readjust to the economic reality. But to assume that it can't be done by normal working people through collective bargaining is just plain fear mongering and political nonsense. in other words, I'm stickin' to the union!


(added later)

We all have had gripes with unions over the decades, at least I have. What I'm talking about here, and what they're talking about in WI is whether or not the right to have and function as a union is being undermined by elected officials for political purposes by individuals who have taken money from people who have a vested interest in dismantling an American institution. Even if you will never join a union, or don't believe they have anything to offer you, you're wages benefits, and your weekends are what they are because somewhere, sometime someone had the guts to form a union and make demands on behalf of everyone who worked for a living. You may not owe them dues, but you owe them some thanks. Whatever peanuts you may be working for now, they are what they are because the going rate for your work was determined by the market in which the unions played a part.
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