Apr 2011

Notes On The End Of The World
by adg on Sat Apr 23, 2011 11:15 am
According to some people, the world will come to a close fairly soon - sometime between now (if you're reading this it hasn't happened), and sometime next year 2012. I'm putting together a list of 5 things to do just in case the world actually comes to an end.

1) Clean underwear is a must every day. There may not be laundry in the after life. Be sure to be wearing appropriate attire - a white robe will provide suitably for here and there. Note: Hell is clothing optional, so be prepared for anything. And don't just leave your clothes in the closet, give to an organization who will pass it along to those who may be traveling with you but don't have stuff to wear right now.

2) Be generous to your favorite charities After all, they may survive in some parallel universe where they will be able to benefit from your generosity here. The Guthrie Interfaith Church (my favorite 501 c 3 foundation) is always looking for help and is multi-dimensional as well as existing on earth.

3) Leave enough pet food and water for your pets. If you're wrong and the world doesn't end, they will miss you but eating helps a broken heart.

4) There's no mention in scripture of there being female angels. All the angels have male names. So either there's not much sex in heaven or the after life is part of the gay agenda. Act now before it's too late.

5) Beware the Mayans. Their calendar ends but it could be a ruse. It could be the date when they plan on returning and taking over the Americas again. They obviously would not wish to announce their coming - thus their calendar just quits giving details. Spending Christmas 2012 under Mayan domination could be enough to rip the heart out of any true believer.

The world ends every day for some people, and each day the worlds begins for others. Despite claims to the contrary, it will be that way for a very long time. Any one who distracts you from caring for each other - coming or going - is selling something. If there's no one buying, no one can be selling. Don't be fooled by anyone or any group no matter how sincere they may appear to be. People may believe the world is ending but believing doesn't make it true.

See you late……. oops
Hoping to see you… :)

Lead Belly Encounter
by adg on Fri Apr 29, 2011 11:03 am

We're driving thru Louisiana and stopped in Shreveport in the evening. The tour busses loaded up in the morning to head down to New Orleans. The GPS doesn't handle low clearance bridges very well and there's lots of train tracks crisscrossing the streets overhead. So I thought I'd just ask someone how to get out of town leaving the roofs of the busses in tact.

There was a guy standing on the sidewalk with a guitar strapped over his shoulder, who looked somewhat familiar. I had the bus stop and we all got out. I walked over to the gentleman with the guitar and said "Excuse me, but how do you get outta town from here?" The man didn't say a word. He just was pointing down the street. I asked again "Are you sure it's not 'that' way? or maybe 'this' way?" Not a word came from the stranger with the guitar. He just kept pointing. I said "We're going to New Orleans to play at the Jazz Festival. I'm gonna do some Lead Belly songs. He's from here ya know!"

I noticed a hint of a smile on his stone cold face. But he just kept pointing.
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