Aug 2011

Back On The Farm
by adg on Mon Aug 08, 2011 11:52 am
Bus travel came to sudden halt in Cleveland during the gig at Cain Park. So we stayed a few extra days in Ohio and instead of going home, went directly to Wolftrap - The Filene Center, in Vienna, VA. Left there Sunday morning dying to get home as its been months since I've seen the place. Usually I try to take a little time for myself during the summer - with family & friends. But there was one more stop I had to make before I got back. I pulled the tour bus off the road at The Church (The Guthrie Center) in Housatonic - The same church where I took out the garbage decades ago - Because my daughter Annie was doing a gig there with local singer/songwriter (and a most recent member of my band), Bobby Sweet.

It was really a fine gig and I'm so proud of my kid. Bobby's songs are really terrific, and the two of them on stage were just so freaking funny together. Annie & Bobby AKA "Bitter-Sweet" had a great night. Even tho the weather was hot and sticky and there's no AC in the church, folks came and had a lovely time. They received an encore and I left feeling like a proud dad and a good friend.

Finally, after months of overseas flights, trains and cars - or broken busses, I got home, ripped off every shed of hot sticky clothes and hit the water of the hillside pool in a smooth dive. It was after 11 at night and I floated around looking at my stars. There's one more gig this month at The Philly Folk Festival - until then I'm remaining in the water with a cold brew or some of that great Bourbon I brought back from Lexington, KY. Stay cool.... adg
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