Sep 2011

AGs Big Recovery
by adg on Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:27 pm
Since posting some of the first paragraph here and elsewhere, I've had some more great comments from folks who have made me want to focus and clear up what may be unclear in my original post. I've removed the personal notes, and rewritten the piece with further thoughts as follows:

My plan to fix the world is simple as far as the USA is concerned. I'd put forth a massive rebuilding of infrastructure like every road, every school, ultra high spread internet, energy delivery and more than can be listed here. And I'd rebuilt it all ONLY with products, tools and machinery Made In The USA. No importing steel, wood products, concrete or high tech stuff from over seas. You'll see factories going up faster than a multinational corporation can send money to an elected official. That'd be my Day One - Job One!

I am talking about a program, not a trade policy - A temporary effort to bring jobs back to people who still remember how to do them. I'm not talking about protectionism directed at any nation, but rather protecting us from our fellow Americans who've shipped out 80+% of our plants, factories and jobs.

I, for one, am a BIG supporter of more local everything. I deeply mistrust centralization in general, believing that local suppliers of goods, like produce, education, and machinery keeps a community healthy with people who know how to do things. Walmarts and huge megastores taking over for local butchers, bakers and candlestick makers isn't a smart model for sustained civilization. Just ask the old Soviets what happened when the centralized system gets interrupted anywhere along the chain. The whole thing goes down. Better to have local farmers grow and deliver goods to local communities. Same for banks, schools, and especially industry. So my comments are philosophical in that regard. That's not protectionism, that's prudent culture. Better to have a variety of corn growing, for example, so that if one strain develops a disease, they don't all fail... Like that.

I really don't think we have to do much to oppose the globalization/centralization craziness. It will fail on it's own. I support every effort around the world especially in 3rd world countries to end dependance on companies like Monsanto, Walmart and others who destroy local cultures for the sake of saving a penny on food, or a plastic toothbrush. I am willing to pay more for local food and craftsmanship. Not everyone can afford to do that, but on the other hand we as a global community can't afford not to do so.

The generation passing away has knowledge that will be lost if we don't begin to help local institutions not only preserve, but pass-on the knowledge of self-preservation. We buy our food from the local farmer, raw milk from the local dairy, and play instruments made by real craftsmen. No one can do everything to avoid mass marketed stuff, but we're trying. And I'm supporting government representatives (where they exist), who understand what's at stake - which generally means I'm an Independent politically. I have friends left, right and center who share my concerns. On this stuff, no one party has spoken up more than another. I remain a party of one.

But if one, just one person does it……
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