Oct 2012

Jackie - Guthrie Family Update
by adg on Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:09 pm
Dear Friends,

We thank you for all the thoughts and prayers coming our way, although we hope you will try to restrain yourselves from posting them publicly. We have no way to respond at this time.

Jackie is fighting for her life at this point. She is continually surrounded by her family. She has good days and bad days. The hospitals and doctors she has seen are trying their best to deal not only with her particular situation, but with her family as we are totally out of the box when it comes to health care.

When one of every two men, and one of every three women in America are likely to have cancer, something is terribly wrong with the way things are. Jackie has been the best advocate for rectifying that situation for years. Her posts are everywhere throughout the internet warning against vaccines, fluoride, unhealthy GM foods and a host of other concerns.

Like so many others, Jackie is beyond the ability of regular docs and hospitals to help, except to make her comfortable with pain management etc. So naturally, being who she is, she stopped taking the pain meds, and ripped off the patches that made her groggy opting to actually recover and not just sink into a deeper sleep. We understand she may not recover from this but no one in this family is going to sleep without a fight. We are treating her with therapies to help her recover. It may not work, but we've never been known for going along with the system, so we're giving it our best and we are all agreed that there's nothing to lose.

After laying in hospital beds for the last few weeks unable to walk, we got her home where she began sneaking out of bed on her own. She cast aside the wheel chair, then the walker and was caught roaming by herself on numerous occasions. She was supposed to have someone with her at all times, but you can't always do what you're supposed to do.

That's the update.

We are all doing our part to help. My job is to be out here on the road for now. I am in constant touch with everyone - gotta love the new tech stuff.

Also please note that while some of you have requested autographs, offers for gigs, or visits to help you with your favorite charities, etc., we do not function through FaceBook for any of those things. We do not do any business through social network sites. The Guthrie family is currently busy with matters that are very important to us. If you need something from any of us, please go through the regular channels or forget about it.

Lots of love to you and yours... As Usual,
adg & The Guthrie Family
Jackie - Guthrie Family Update #3
by adg on Sat Oct 13, 2012 2:16 pm
Dear Friends

Jackie & I were able to celebrate our 43rd wedding anniversary at our home in Sebastian with family and friends. We broke her out of the hospital that same day where she had been for almost a week.

As you know from previous posts she is battling cancer and has had to undergo a couple of surgeries that were tangentially related but were not directly involved with the cancer itself. We are trying some alternate therapies because the protocol subscribed to by the health care system would have compromised her ability to recover.

Without going into technical details her cancer was non-operable and according to the oncologists, the course of chemo/radiation at its best would have extended her life for only a short time. In other words doing nothing at all or using the best medicine available, the outcome was the same except for the difference in time. Also, using the treatments of chemo/radiation her immune system would have been compromised to the point where we could not try any alternative therapies with any realistic hope of success.

While in the hospital she found herself fighting off those super-bugs that tried to sneak in and munch her for lunch. The doctors decided that she would be safer at home where we simply have the normal bugs to contend with. We agreed and she has been home for some days now. We are working with her to trying to rebuild her strength and give her body the nutrition it needs to overcome all the things she has undergone as a result of her illness and the time spent in the hospital, where even the best nutrition is mostly synthetic and not made from real food.

I have taken some time off to be with my wife and kids in order to set up our own plan to recovery. It may not work but the alternatives were beyond stupid and totally unacceptable. While politicians argue over who has access to health care, I have not heard one word from any of them that has anything to do with the state of our actual health care itself. Don't get me started…

We have working around the clock with family, doctors, nurses and friends. We have the protocol we will use (there's no suggestion box for other ideas). In short, we are doing it our way.

And our way is on the road again. Sarah Lee and Johnny are off to Germany, Cathy will commute back and forth from Austin and I will leave in a few days to pick-up the touring schedule posted on www.arlo.net. Abe, Lisa and Annie will do the heavy lifting here at home and continue the treatments we have decided are our best shot to beat this thing.

So friends: Jackie is not giving up. She is fighting a very tough battle. It's like pushing a loaded dump truck uphill, wearing 30 extra pounds of weight, with one hand tied behind her back at an altitude of 14,00 feet at night when the stars are hidden by clouds and a cold fog comes rolling in. She may not make it, but no one here is going to tell her she can't do it. And we will not allow any words, glances or whispers from anyone who doubt her determination anywhere near any of us.

Your thoughts and prayers are a source of encouragement, and for that we are thankful. Keep her in mind from time to time through your busy days and nights, as we do for all of you. Much love from our entire family… adg
Jackie Guthrie - Last Update
by adg on Sun Oct 14, 2012 2:54 pm
Jackie Guthrie
July 25, 1944 - Oct. 14, 2012

Dear Friends,

This morning Jackie left her body surrounded by her family and a few friends. She called her family to her about 3 this morning to let us know she couldn't fight any longer. She was at peace with the life and dreams we shared together for almost 45 years. We stayed at her bedside through the morning until about 11:45 when she gently breathed her last breath. She will remain in our hearts and memories as she does for many of you. Thank you for your prayers and notes… With Love, adg
by adg on Mon Oct 15, 2012 9:15 am
Dear Friends

The sun rose on my world this morning. Jackie stayed with us throughout the night, lingering in our hearts just out of sight but clearly present. She woke me before sunrise in a dream saying that the hour had come when she would need to leave us and be gone before the sun arose. As her words awakened me I walked outside and stood looking over the river talking with her in the predawn twilight we both loved so much. It was our time and for years she brought me coffee as I took photographs of morning on the river.

There are loves, and there are LOVES. Ours was and will continue to be what it has always been - A very great love. We didn't always like each other. From time to time there were moments when we'd have our bags packed by the door. But, there was this great love that we shared from the moment we met - a recognition - It's YOU! And we would always return to it year after year, decade after decade and I believe life after lifetime.

I can hear the household awakening now as I ramble through my thoughts and feelings. I am needed elsewhere. So a new day begins, another chapter in the book of our love. It seems to me already written although I can't remember what happens next. All I know is, I've read it before and it ends well.

I've had to cancel and postpone a few shows coming up. I will make them up as soon as possible. The tour will begin with the gigs scheduled for Canada, and I will move ahead through the rest of whatever happens next. Our wonderful guru, Ma Jaya Sati Bhagavati always reminded us to stay in the moment - no thought of the past or future. The moment is all we really have, the rest is fiction. Jackie and I lived that teaching as best we could and I will continue to be present and accounted for.

Stay tuned... adg
Back In The Saddle Again
by adg on Thu Oct 25, 2012 5:01 pm
I've got a couple / few gigs under my belt now since I got back on the road. There were so many notes and letters from everyone that it has been fairly overwhelming. What stood out was how many of our friends or people we work with have gone thru or are now going thru the same thing - the loss of someone dear. It is staggeringly real when hundreds and thousands of folks write in and share their lives in such an honest way - no one selling anything - Just real people going thru life trying to keep it real. So this little note is simply to let you know how grateful we are to everyone for taking the time to check-in.

I'll get back in some way or other, but there's no way to answer everyone individually. It would take another life time. And now I'm just trying to get used to the life I have left. Time to make the doughnuts. I just need time to eat 'em.

Much Love As Usual.... adg
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