Feb 2012

Back To Work
by adg on Thu Feb 02, 2012 4:21 am
I had a pretty amazing time up in the norther part of the world. I got to play in some of the smallest little places I've been in, working or not, in decades. And it was like the old days. Last December I called my friend, Carsten Panduro in Tønder, Denmark (who is guilty of founding the Tønder Music Festival. I said "Help me get some little gigs around Scandinavia - Nothing bigger than 150 people." So, he called some of his friends in Sweden and Norway and within a few weeks we had a little tour planned - I was on my way. I took a couple of guitars that could handle extreme weather, my computer a camera and a piece of luggage. That was all, but that was more than enuff. I needed help everywhere just lugging that stuff around, but luckily I found some help everywhere I went. I got to make lots of new friends and play in some interesting little joints.

More than once I ran into a poster backstage from Sarah Lee & Johnny, who have now gone to places I was just getting to. That was a wake-up call! I have to get out more and catch up to my own kids! With that in mind, I am about to get on a flight from Frankfurt, Germany that will end up in Orlando, Florida. Jackie and some of the offsprings will meet me there, while I have a few days to catch up to American time. Then it's back on the trail with Abe, Krishna and Terry.

To anyone reading this who I met over the pond, Thank You! I had a great month off - great vacation! Now I'm looking forward to getting back to work. :)

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