Jun 2012

Guthrie Family Reunion
by adg on Mon Jun 18, 2012 10:34 am
The first of the Reunion gigs went off without a hitch at the Clearwater Festival. Even tho I had an ear infection and couldn't hear much on stage, I heard portions of the gig afterward and it sounded good enuff - like we were supposed to sound. And we were still missing some of the family who couldn't make the gig. All this means the summer ought to be a lot of fun when we all get together and focus on my dads 100th Birthday. Of course, we'll have a few of our own songs in the set list but this summer we'll keep our stuff to a minimum and stick with the songs that celebrate the occasion.

This won't be the first time we've all gone out and played onstage together as years ago we did the Legacy Tour, followed by the Guthrie Family Rides Again - both the tours were really fun. Now the little ones are a little older and we're looking forward to see how they've grown. It could be worse! Most likely tho, it'll be even better and more fun.

See you there wherever that is...

Looking forward to a great summer celebration.

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