Jul 2012

by adg on Thu Jul 12, 2012 12:44 am
Folks take warning. There's a guy in the Northwest pretending to be me, Arlo Guthrie. Now I don't mind a little help once in a while, but there is only one official version of me I can deal with at any one time. So, beware! Do not be fooled. This is my official website and our company Rising Son Records is also really us. Check the schedule. If there's a guy offering to play a gig for you near Seattle, and our schedule shows us playing in Oklahoma the day before, the gig in Seattle is probably a hoax. Our dates are posted here on arlo.net and on http://www.risingsonrecords.com. Our FaceBook page is http://www.facebook.com/arloguthrie. Any other website or FaceBook page is a fraud. Please read this carefully. Note the punctuation. I am also http://www.facebook.com/arlo.guthrie1. There's no other me, that is actually me :)

If you have a doubt call our office (413-623-6112) or email 'info@risingsonrecords.com'

Guthrie Family Reunion - Update
by adg on Sun Jul 22, 2012 8:49 am
With a few scattered gigs under our collective belts, the real road warrior leg on the "Guthrie Family Reunion" tour (summer 2012) is about to get underway. Hopefully the heat wave(s) spreading around the continent will be a forgotten memory and cooler winds will blow us across the USA and up into the Canadian Rockies back down thru the upper midwest. The summer part of the reunion ends at Ravinia just outside of Chicago in late August before we jump overseas to Denmark and the T√łnder Festival (one of our favorites). From Denmark we'll head in different directions while I roll thru Ireland for the beginning of "Here Comes The Kid," a solo tour run continuing until May 2013. However, there will be a small reunion reprise towards the end of November as we get ready for our annual Thanksgiving on the stage at Carnegie Hall. Pete Seeger will join us at Carnegie, but those fix will not be on sale until early Fall. Stay tuned for info.

Meanwhile we're gearing up for The Newport Folk Festival and the trek across country immediately following. I have to say, I've not had so much fun with the family before this. Everyone is a little older, better and more road worthy than we were the last time out together. There's not another bunch of folks I'd rather be with who are as funny, real and happier (generally) than our clan on the road.

My dad and mom had dreams of creating a large family that could travel around singing and entertaining everyone with real songs about real things. We're not only celebrating "Woody 100" we're living the dream of the family they never had a chance to realize. For us this is more than just another series of gigs. This is the culmination of generations working and playing that brings together a reunion of spirit, age and youth. I wouldn't miss this for the world.

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