Aug 2012

Here Comes The Kid
by adg on Thu Aug 23, 2012 3:06 am
Beginning in very late August 2012 "Here Comes The Kid" gets underway and will continue until May 2013. It's just me, solo on stage. Not as much fun for me, but it'll be a change and having to carry the weight of the night will keep me on my toes and keep the chops on guitar from getting old. It's always one of those things I look forward to in theory more than fact. But, it's too late to backtrack now. I already miss working with the whole family, because that was about as fun as it gets while still being legal.

I'm writing this from T√łnder, Denmark at the festival going on - one of my favorites. I've got part of the family with me, but the little ones had to get off the road and they'll start pretending to be normal as the school year gets underway back home.

Jackie is home too preparing the farm for our return in time for Thanksgiving when we'll all be back together. It seems a long way off, but I know how quickly it goes by. Another summer gone into the family history books. Scrapbooks of videos to be edited and kept for as long as possible.

I'll return to the US in late September just in time to enjoy the Fall weather - my favorite time of year. See you somewhere along the road........


In Addition: I have just read about myself in Wikipedia, and found that some of the information was untrue. So I added a paragraph. But, I have no way of knowing if it will be used. So I'm putting it here so that wiki can verify that it was me making the corrections. I wrote the following:

"The statement that I have previously refused to join any union is completely false. As a matter of fact I belong to more than one local of the musician's union - 802 in New York, and local 1000, the traveling musician's union. Although I have disagreements with particular unions at times, I remain a union guy from head to toe. Although I am a registered Republican, it does not follow that I endorse or condone the ridiculous positions the Republican party has taken as of late. I have written extensively on many subjects as noted and will continue to speak out for a world where we can work together with anyone willing to put aside ideology for a practical reality - where government works for all the people equally. I am not one of those people who believes that government works best when it serves those with the most. I am out to fight that kind of absurd anti-Americanism with the songs I sing and the life I live." - Arlo Guthrie
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