Apr 2013

There And Back Again, Again
by adg on Sun Apr 21, 2013 11:51 am
Since last June (2012) approximately 125 of my gigs were in some way connected to the Woody Guthrie centennial year. Some are as yet to happen before it all comes to a close at the end of May 2013. Either way you look at it, those gigs ate up a lot of time and miles. The arlonet schedule is arranged by calendar year, because it's logical, and we all understand it. But, the touring year - the time frame for a 'season' defined by the theaters and concert halls is uniquely different. The season begins in June and runs thru the following May. So when you 'expand' the schedule here on arlonet you'll discover that tours with different names, or have a particular theme cross over from one year to the next with little attention to what year it is. That is also the reason that some dates are not posted even though we know what's coming, as some venues would rather we didn't give away their schedules in advance until they can announce it themselves. I am perpetually confused by this, but we have to defer to their judgement (usually by contractual arrangements).

So, we are beginning to fill in the blanks in the arlonet calendar for the coming season, and a new touring year begins soon. This coming summer (2013) is pretty much nailed down with some solo shows here and there. I'll be taking some time off the road as well as there's a lot of work that needs to get done on The Farm - Abe & Lisa have started an amazing bunch of projects, from maple syrup to bees and orchards and Lord knows what else just to keep the place up and running. Annie & Deb are holding down the fortress on the hill keeping the offices and logistical stuff going. It's a crew and a half. I just wanna bask in the summer sun like a seal and roll into the water from time to time.

But, first - Alaska. Yep I hear they're putting up the chain-link fence for mosquito season. I'm hoping to beat it out of there before the Kodiak bears remember they haven't eaten for months. So, I'm working my way north for the next couple weeks before sliding over to Wisconsin and Michigan - The last leg of the journey. See you out there somewhere...

Love to All,
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