Jun 2013

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Summer Is Officially Here - Not Much On TV
by adg on Wed Jun 26, 2013 7:44 am
I've been off the road since the last tour officially ended sometime back in May, just about a month ago. I've also been somewhat neglectful in updating my friends and others - mostly because there's not a lot going on. This is 'down-time' and it's different this time around. My kids have been on the case, keeping the farm in great shape and making sure everything is as normal as anyone could expect. Nothing here looks neglected. Most Sundays the family gets together and makes use of the big kitchen. Life goes on and little things become traditions.

One thing I am constantly amazed at is how little anything changes on TV. I left for the road back in November 2012 and haven't really had a chance to watch the tube or keep up with things on any regular basis. You would think that over the last 6 months, with all the controversies and all the dialog going on, someone somewhere would learn something. But, no one ever changes their minds on TV (there are a few wonderful exceptions). The commentators just dig in deeper trying to prove that they were right all along. The need to be right is not only stupid, it's a pattern - an M.O. if you will. And it's not heathy or beneficial to anyone. It means no one is really listening. No wonder the Congress can't do anything. Very few people outside of government are getting things done either (there are exceptions of course). I enjoy changing my mind when I learn something new. It's fun! It's educational! And it's exciting.

So, this summer I am doing new things. I want and need to make some more mistakes. It's only fear that keeps us holed up in the ideas we cling to. And I am not buying anything from anyone selling fear. The fear of The Lord may be the beginning of wisdom, but it is certainly not the end of it. If you really want to know anything, you'll have to move beyond the fear that keeps you needing to be right all the time.

America has choices. While politicians debate things (generally a good idea), it is stupid not to be acting in ways that benefit everyone. As far as the Middle East goes, we do not need to take political sides, but we do need to help! People need medicine, clothes, food and water - The basic stuff. We should use everything at our disposal to make sure people get stuff, without regard to who's side they're on. How hard would it be just to drop essential needs from drones flying overhead to anyone who finds it? Who cares if they're thankful or not? just set it and forget it. Wherever there is need, we can be there to help without getting embroiled in the business of our neighbors. And the Middle East is just one example. There are places all around the world that could use a little help. We should be there - helping.

And while we're at it, we should be helping ourselves. We have vast resources at our disposal that can help people who need it. Whether they're on the streets of some American city, or off in some distant continent, we can help. I want our country to be the one that helped everybody no matter their politics, religion, or traditions. That would be a country to be proud of.

Okay, my friends will know how much coffee I've had this morning. But I wanted to catch up, update, and at least say 'hello' to everyone who got this far... There's probably no end of typos, and I'll fix as I discover. Like I said, I enjoy my mistakes. And I'm not afraid to make them ... :)

Have A Great Summer Wherever You Are....

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