Jan 2018

Back On The Highways
by adg on Wed Jan 31, 2018 3:35 pm
Now we begin the Re:Generation Tour again, picking up from where we left off last year. We've finished a couple of nights in Key West - essentially a tune-up so we'd know what we were doing. It was a fabulous time in a nice small venue. From here on out it's back to the larger halls (for the most part). We'll be working our way up from Florida, through the Carolinas into Virginia. Then Heading to the mid-west and all the way to the left coast as far north as Sacramento, CA, before coming back to the east side and ending the tour at The Church for our semi-annual fund-raiser there in May. We're already working on gigs in the northwest as well (the ones we will have missed this time). Maybe even something over seas... We'll see what happens.

Many new dates are posted here and on our homepage (www.arloguthrie.com). We're getting the word out for anyone interested, that we're coming and going as always. Looking forward to seeing many of you wherever and whenever.

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