Apr 2019

Back To The Future
by adg on Fri Apr 26, 2019 2:38 am
It's pretty funny when you leave somewhere at night and get to where you're going that same morning. But, that's what is about to happen. From here on we'll be back in the same basic day as everyone in the USA. And we'll get back to being in tour buses for weeks at a time. But, it won't be for long.

After a short couple of weeks we'll be back in the Berkshires - Back on the farm for the Spring, Summer, and even most of the Fall. Although, having said that, it appears we'll be doing some traveling too. So, we'll get a little taste of the mountains of New England.

Being half a world away has been great fun, and insightful. Always interesting to go somewhere where our news is nowhere near as important as it often appears to us. Still I look forward to returning and catching up with everyone on everything we missed. It's a pretty big world out there after all, Disney's attraction notwithstanding.

Mostly I just miss having a few cameras, most all of which I left behind, using my iPhone instead for the usual pix of venues and places. They've come a long way, although still not capable of capturing what I like. I've posted a few pix of the venues, and anyone can tell the difference between an iPhone (any one of 'em), and a real camera (almost any one of them too).

So, here we come ready or not. Back to the left coast for a little bit, before we begin our trek to the east side. So long Australia - Hello America!
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