Sep 2019

2019 Fall Season Begins
by adg on Sat Sep 07, 2019 9:34 am
The summer of 2019 is over and we're beginning to see the first signs of Autumn. The leaves are changing color on many of the local trees up in the hills. Any day now we'll be heading out for a few weeks of travel to parts unfamiliar, and maybe visit some favorite places we were introduced to when we were working but didn't get much of a chance to enjoy. There are special places to everyone, and I'm no exception - Places you want to absorb rather than simply rush through on your way to somewhere else. Some are more local, and others far away. Nice to get a chance to revisit those kinds of places and enjoy the friends we've encountered along the way.

We've been making progress rebuilding our home throughout the summer. It's a fairly big project, even though we're mostly just rebuilding what was already there. I'm a natural born hillbilly so nothing you can't put your feet on gets built around here. We don't call it "the farm" for nothing.

A reporter once asked me what we grew on our farm, and I simply said "rocks." The old timers built stone walls everywhere, not because they wanted to, but because there was nowhere else to put the stones that kept appearing out of nowhere. They just came up from the ground, like a cultivated crop. We spent years and decades removing the stones from the fields, one at a time, the kids grew up throwing them in the back of the old wagon we dragged behind the tractor. But the stone just kept coming. Eventually, we more or less gave up. The stone won. No wonder many of the old farmers went westward. They weren't looking for greener pastures, they were looking for pastures without rocks. Much the same way Native Americans moved around, not looking for more territory as much as looking for territory with better hunting. Food has always been a big deal.

So I ended up being a rock farmer. So far, so good. After food, safe shelter becomes a good idea. We're rebuilding the place that has provided us shelter for over 50 years. It'll be more or less complete this year, maybe sometime this fall before the winter sets in. That'd be good.

Anyway, that's the Fall update from here at the farm. A welcome to the season and a time to begin putting away the things of summer. More later...
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