May 2020

by adg on Fri May 01, 2020 7:40 am
Although it's hard to pinpoint and exact date, May is probably the month where 25 years ago Dave created It moved from the old board system (which still exists) to its own thing. For the next 25 years has been the source of reliable information with everything concerning what we do, what's going on, what we'd like to do, and what everyone thinks about all that. It has also been a forum for things that are important to you individually. became our face to the world through the internet.

Our volunteer monitors, past and present have tried their best to insure that our web pages remained free of advertising, self-promotional material and BS in general. They've done a great job. The end result of all this is that our presence on the web has gathered a historic collection of thoughts, comments and ideas. It's especially valuable because it's been around since the very beginning.

Over the years and decades I've been adding and correcting the dates in our schedule. It is the single most comprehensive collection of everything we've done, and everywhere we've been, that exists anywhere. I'm still adding things (as I discover them) that go back to the very start of my public life as a performer and entertainer. Likewise future events are generally updated as soon as possible. I've been able to do all this with the help of others like Hank Reineke, and Terry Ala Berry who either know of or kept records of all this stuff. Occasionally some of our friends here have corrected information or added to it as well. has become a repository of our collective adventures.

Events that took place are important, not because I was there, but because they took place. It's not only my personal history but our collective history. I just happened to there some of the time, and it shows up here in our schedule. When added to a larger view, we get a history of what was important to us through the generations, especially through the turbulent times of the 1960s through the times in which we now are living. It's the record that shows we were there.

We are still there. We are here now. And more than that, we've been here awhile. Congratulation to for being with us for so long and especially to Dave who made it possible. Happy 25th Birthday! Long May You Run...
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