May 2021

Spring 2021 Has Finally Arrived
by adg on Sat May 15, 2021 5:54 pm
Mud-Season has unofficially ended, because it's not an official season to begin with. But, around these parts (The Berkshires) we're finally getting to see some signs of Spring. As I was working on a video for our annual HD Walk-A-Thon, I rambled around what we call 'South County' which includes the town of Stockbridge. I was driving a red VW micro-bus that belongs to the church, and it was funny to see heads turning as I drove by. Geez it was 52 years ago the freaking movie came out, but it seemed to some like it was last week. Everything in South County is about 2 weeks ahead of us here on the hill as far as seasons go. Lilacs were in full bloom, flowers popping up everywhere, but here on the hill it's all just getting started.

Marti has been a little nuts planting, weeding, and getting ready for summer. It's all good but it's a lot of work. It looks fabulous. I'd post pictures but my Tapatalk app, and forums aren't behaving nicely together, so I'll stick with text descriptions until it's sorted out.

There may be a few other places in the country where Spring is also just getting underway, but most of my friends are reporting Spring as having already sprung, and they're heading into summer. If I get any good pix I'll post 'em elsewhere and link 'em here. So far not much to see here anyway. Keep moving. And Happy Spring!
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