Mar 2022

Coming Back To The Farm - Spring 2022
by adg on Sun Mar 27, 2022 7:41 am
We've been down in Florida for a while, trying to stay warm, but it's getting a little too warm and humid. Meanwhile the robins are due to show up at the farm any day now. So Marti & I are heading back for a visit. My friend, Janis Ian is due to perform at Lena's in April and I wanted to be in the neighborhood for that event as well. There's nothing like a little crisp mountain air, cold spring water, and flowers so I'm looking forward to that.

These last few months have been wonderful back in my old neighborhood of Sebastian. I got to see some old friends and revisited some of the local haunts for food and drink. I even made some new friends! Getting out and about here is easy as everything is close by. At the farm everything is miles away, but it's nice to be isolated too.

I do miss the CrabHouse, and living on the river, but no complaints. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Presently I'm getting ready for Spring in the Berkshires, family & friends that come to visit, and local neighbors stopping by. I looking forward to seeing my old band & crew mates, sitting around remembering the years and decades we spent on the road. There's a lot of good stories yet to be told around the fireplace. I'm up for that.
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