Aug 2023

Mid-Summer 2023
by adg on Tue Aug 01, 2023 11:22 am
It's already August 1st - Not only is it Ramblin' Jack Elliott's 92nd birthday, but it also mean we're halfway through summer. It seems like it just began. The last few days and weeks have been more like late spring, with the smoke, fog, rain etc. Maybe summer will encroach upon fall. Not sure but it sure isn't what we were expecting. It's even a little on the cool side today. Had to put on a jacket just to stalk butterflies and other bugs. In August!

It's not like we weren't told that climate change would have some extreme weather, and even though this isn't really extreme - It's close enough for horse-shoes. Friends south of us are enduring extreme heat, other places are extremely dry, or extremely wet - I guess it is kind of extreme.

Here in Western Massachusetts for the past 48 hours, it's been nice! But it used to be nice most of the time, and then we'd get bouts of crazy. Now it's mostly crazy with bouts of nice. I'm making the best of it and hope you are too wherever you are and whatever craziness you have to endure.
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