Happy New Year 2024!
by adg on Fri Dec 29, 2023 5:51 pm
Okay it's a little early but I wanted to get a head start. Welcome to arlo.net and the year 2024. So far, so good! Although a lot of arlo.net doesn't even work anymore, there's still no ads, or suggestions, or marketing. It's old school internet. arlo.net is about 25 years old, and been around long before social media took over the online world. It's still FREE for anyone who wants to sign on, and we don't sell personal info to anyone.

There're conversations and comments that go way back in time. We keep it going because it's a good resource for anyone interested - Our schedules are still the best online reference, although the mechanics are a little outdated, the info is up-to-date. In other words, we haven't figured out how to screw it up. :)
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