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 Post subject: YOU ARE BANNED!
PostPosted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 11:23 pm

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The W!zard

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Recently I've been getting these messages - and other's might as well... the text is as follows:

Dear Arlo Member,

We have temporarily suspended your email account

This might be due to either of the following reasons:

1. A recent change in your personal information (i.e. change of address).
2. Submiting invalid information during the initial sign up process.
3. An innability to accurately verify your selected option of subscription due to an internal error within our processors.
See the attached details to reactivate your Arlo account.

Sincerely,The Arlo Support Team

Please note that these messages are NOT coming from me or anyone related to the site... there is also apparently a zip file included that contains a virus. If you get a message like this - please disregard and DO NOT open the attachment. There is no "Arlo Support Team"... this is ArloNET!!!!

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