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The basic unit available for free at the first level, as the startup plane. For countries like the USA, Germany and the Soviet Union developed from level 1 to 10. Its characteristics are low durability, small engine and bombs and rockets available only for several models. Its basic weapon is the machine gun, the higher the level the bigger caliber and places for mounting. The advantage is its speed and maneuverability that can be useful for elimination of other aircraft by surprise from behind. It is weak against ground targets and heavy fighters.

The game World of Warplanes developed by a Belorussian company, presents a professional game that puts you in the cockpits of the historical models of warplanes from the World War II period, as well as the planes that never had their virgin flights and never made it beyond the drawing table. If you have any queries relating to in which and how to useWoWp Gold, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. In the game, you have access to planes of such countries as The united States, Germany Japan and the Soviet union. Each of these has been designed with attention to details and the possibility of altering both the armory and the external looks for the available model.

Disables the mouse as a controller and initiates the keyboard control mode. This is one of the most difficult schemes because it requires of you that you use many buttons simultaneously and control everything that is going on on the screen. This mode of control takes full advantage of the plane's capability but, learning and mastering it takes up a lot of time. For a beginner it is quite a challenge and isn't recommended.

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