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PostPosted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 3:09 am


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Shooters usually play on the upper or lower routes. They manage to perform well in killing monsters to collect gold and XP. It is very important, however, that the player does not expose his shooter to Buy AoV Account unnecessary risks. If he dies, the chances of victory are greatly reduced. Among AoV's favorite public shooters are Lindis, Coringa (DC Comics), Violet, Tel 'Annas and Fennik.

Shooters are an essential class to get a win at Arena of Valor. Like the killers, they have a high DPS and do a lot of damage. In addition, they are usually the ADC's of the teams, since they carry the game in the physical attacks. Because of these skills they are extremely targeted by the opposing team, which generates in the player the need to devise a special strategy to protect them. The weakness of the heroes belonging to this class is the ability to take damage, which is relatively low.

It's a shame to see Arena of Valor fade off into the darkness when it had such strong potential. The Nintendo Switch port was an absolute blast, making the MOBA easily playable on the Joy-Con controllers. The world and atmosphere was underrated, with heroes like Chrest and Krixi being fun to play and look at. With Riot Games working on a mobile version of League of Legends to release in 2020, it's unclear how much longer AoV has.

MOBAs generally have had a hard time making it on mobile in the West, at least so far,” said Toto. “This includes very well made ones like Vainglory or Fates Forever. Arena Of Valor is, in my opinion, the best MOBA on mobile by far but it was not enough to break into Western markets. Speaking to, Kantan Games’ analyst Dr. Serkan Toto told us that market conditions are a significant contributor to Arena of Valor’s performance in the West.

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