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PostPosted: Sat Sep 19, 2009 7:37 pm

It was beyond joy to be a member of the audience last evening at the benefit for the Guthrie and Steinbeck foundations. The acoustics at San Francisco's Masoinic Auditorium were PERFECT for the music of Sarah Lee and Johnny, the Waybacks and the very special appearance of PETE SEEGER!!!

I was there because of Pete and not familiar with the music of Sarah Lee and Johnny (and the Waybacks), yet I've spent this afternoon investigating their websites for available music. I am a fan, no doubt about it!

Arlo, I was in the audience when you did a concert with Judy Collins at the NJ Garden Arts Center in 1970 (I was 15), and I remember that concert to this day.

Since all those precious years ago, I've yearned to be a part of a Pete Seeger audience. I am a choir-singing member of a Methodist church so when he started to introduce a slow/harmonized version of "Amazing Grace" last night, I knew I would never be able to hear this hymn quite the same way again.

From "Amazing Grace", "This Land is Your Land," and the cry-yet-sing last a cappella verse of "Goodnight, Irene": THANK YOU PETE, Sarah Lee, Johnny, the Waybacks, and everyone else on stage.

OMG!!! An experience I will treasure FOREVER!!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE ON STAGE for participating in an experience that won't be dublicated in my life.

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