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PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:37 pm


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I started siting in at age 10 ,my brother, 11, with the house band Jimmie Lawton and the Lawmen". Age 16 we were the house band,Blabbermouth: imagine that. I do not want to bore you but for the lead into this story a few names matter. Will Gear had "Teatricum Botanicum", the first place I played with Pete Seeger at age 16. Then it went from everyone in the Eagles, to Joni, Neil, Muddy Waters, James Gallway, James Walker, Bonnie, Lee Oscar, hanging out at Michael Hite's house (Bear from canned heat) watching old classic movies, to jamming with Mark Andes, or Les Dudek, and whatever great band they were in at the time. O.K. you get the point. There are two shows that stand out in my mind as being the best I had ever the previlage to attend. One was Harry Belafonte. He made me cry at age 15, singing "Is anybody here. seen my ole friend John" I later played with Dion at the Ventura Theater, and got to tell him this story personally!) We both Cried. Second was going to the Strawberry Festival, I thought to just jam with some life long friends. Instead I went to the main stage to get a dark beer and see the opening of Arlo Guthrie, wow big deal right! I was taken on a ride throughout history never to be open again. The talent of the entire family as players, entertainers, and storytellers suched me to about the third row. I sat and felt like I had read the best book ever written, seen the best movie ever shot, and heard every great story about America the there was to tell. The guthrie Family carries on a tradition that I thougt could not go on, the shadow was just too much to grow up under. Boy was I ever wrong. That shadow embraced the whole unit into individuals that work as one, with one ever fulfilled goal. Make you leave knowing more that you know, happier than you were, and wanting more, without being dissappointed. Well I get another one, the're coming to the Central Coast soon. I think it is the Clark Center. Correct me if I am wrong. Where ever you are and what ever you have planned, stop, go find tickets and learn why today is not as bad as you think! Enjoy all that comes, Tobias

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 11, 2010 11:13 pm

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Welcome to the site. Sounds like you jammed with some neat folks. I always wonder if I was related to that Hit guy from Canned Heat cuz my late grandma's maiden name was Hite. Have fun at the show...

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