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 Post subject: Northampton, MA 11/20/99
PostPosted: Mon Nov 22, 1999 7:14 pm

This was my first Arlo Guthrie show, and it was great! I'll try and remember what was performed (this is in more or less the correct order):

Darkest Hour
House of the Rising Sun
Alice's Restaurant
Last Train
Ring Around the Rosey
Reuben James
Ukelele Lady


Oklahoma Hills
Get Along Little Doggies
Golden River
Freight Train
City of New Orleans
Amazing Grace


2nd Encore
Under Cover of Night

I think that was all of them. I had a great time. I bought a shirt that details "Arlo Guthrie's Historic Garbage Trail" - it has a pictorial depiction of the infamous events in Alice's Restaurant.

I also got to meet him after the show, and I got his autograph. He was very friendly, and despite all the people who were waiting, he had a smile for each one.


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PostPosted: Sun Nov 28, 1999 11:55 am

Carnegie Hall show was wonderful this year, as usual. I'm not much on setlists. Maybe Pat, Dave or one of the other Blunderites who was there will post one later.

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