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PostPosted: Fri Jul 28, 2006 12:34 am

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Ok, I have just about reached the point where I am relatively happy with the chat software. Please use this thread to report any bugs you may find... I'm currently not aware of any. Also, use this thread to discuss or request features?

For those that remember the old Blat, is there anything about it that you miss? I did manage to get a copy of the software, and it's possible I may be able to incorporate stuff into the new chat.

Is there anything about the new chat software that you don't like?

My final addition was I expanded the sounds that are used... and we now have a new welcomer in chat if you haven't been there recently.

And before anyone says anything... I realize there is no PM in chat... that is by design. Also, unlike the old chat, there is only one room... again, this is by design. The whole purpose of the chat is to bring people together - not to create seperate groups. Also, multiple rooms could lead to possible abuse by others - using them for purposes not intended. As for the PMs... there are many messengers on the market that do a fine job of that.

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