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PostPosted: Mon Apr 10, 2006 9:01 am

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Well it seems what Arnie said may need repeating...again :)

"Hey all, this was such a good explanation of the difference between the two forums, I thought I'd post it back to the top of the charts.

Please remember to keep the ArloNet Forums on topic 'A' (even if you gotta stretch a little!).
All other good stuff is welcome over at the Group-W (FanBased) forums.

Also - please be kind to the VOLUNTEER moderators, who are just here tryin' to do absolutely nuthin' most of the time, but will spring into action (okay, more like drag their sorry butts over to the computer) in the event that they determine something needs their attention.

Are we perfect? Nope! But we would get an 'A' for effort I hope.
And you should all know that if you disagree with something, you should feel free to click on one of our names, and send us a PRIVATE, OFF-LINE e-mail or PM to discuss the matter further."

To add to what Arnie said....If a post is not where you first saw it ,look around it may have been moved if it has not been moved and has been removed it is most likey due to not being on topi or deemed inappropiate.
Again any questions,disagreements send one of the moderators a e mail or private message,peace, Don

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