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PostPosted: Tue Nov 17, 2015 2:08 pm

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Death Drives An Ice Cream Truck Straight Into the Heart Of Time - Philip Verne Sturges III

It was Saturday.
It was September.
I was walking down Oak street
and saw Death.
He was driving a white ice cream truck
and eating a Screwball.
He was just getting down to the gum ball
at the bottom,
the best part -
if you know about Screwballs.
The ice cream truck was playing an odd jingle.
I recognized it after a moment.
It was Mozart's
Death turned
and looked at me.
I knew it was Death
as we had met before.
"How about a fudgesicle today?" he asked,
pulling the truck to a stop.
"Or maybe a Nutty Buddy?"
"Thanks, I'm good,''
I said.
I stared.
I realized the ice cream truck was made entirely of snow....
It was solid vanilla ice cream!
Death chewed on his gumball & winked at me.
"This is a REAL ice cream truck," he chuckled.
I asked Death
why he was an ice cream man today.
He smiled.
"Death is everywhere at every moment in every thing."
"Right now you just happen to see me driving an ice cream truck.''
Death finished his Screwball.
"But I am finished being an ice cream vendor for the moment."
Then Death and the ice cream truck vanished,
and Death reappeared
next to me
as an enormous clockwork man.
We tick-tocked down the street
to the
where he bid me adieu
and faded into the distance

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:37 pm


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I wrote the poems posted here in this forum in 2015 - Death Drives, Origami Storm, I Passed Death, A Predilection For Storms, and Remember. I just wanted to share a bit of my work but I realize I posted it in the wrong place. I am here under another username as the email address I registered under originally no longer exists and so can't access my original account. I would like to delete the poems I posted here if it is possible to do so as they don't belong here but guess I can't as I no longer have access to my old account. My apologies for posting these in the wrong forum - actually I don't think there is a forum here for poetry. Anyway, I am the author of the works and if I could remove them I would. My work was up til a week ago on a site called 'Fresh Out: an Arts and Poetry Collective' - which is on Facebook and on Instagram - of which I was a co-founder. I have since left the sites and deleted my Facebook page. Best wishes sincerely, Philip Verne Sturges

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