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PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 12:48 pm


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Good Morning All and welcome to a new day in the life of a blunderite. an introduction follows before leading into Music and Motorcycles!

SFC_Q was my previous screen name but due to a fumble on my part. I've returned using my proper name, and for those with long memories, I am not the Quinn that was banished for crude disruptions back in the day.

For those good people in the North Lands, Spring may slowly return this year and along with it a season to breakout the motorcycles and go riding. Compared to where I currently find myself, the states of New York, Connecticut, Mass (you know the rest of the insult) and Pennsylvania were fun places to ride motorcycles for extended weekends. Coastal Mississippi not so much.

Unlike Arlo, I don't play guitar. Never ridden a mountain road to have a string break and wrap around a sign and cause an unfortunate incident with a police car and a shorter police officer with a very large gun. Instead I play the bagpipes and have been know to carry a set from time to time on the motorcycle. So music and motorcycles will be the primary but not only subject of this wandering thread.

Still one of my most memorable rides was North to Canada on NY State route 22 and returning thround the Adirondacks. Even if I did get stuck in the rain without raingear.

The hills and valleys of the Northeast beat the flat coastal plains hands down 3 out of 4 seasons of the year. Riding in the winter while doable gets treacherous at best, and is often worse.

So for the few, the crazy, and the insane; who were never members of the Trinity Motorcycle Team, but rode none the less. Lets hear about some of your favorite routes, adventures, and misadventures.

On the joys of seeing the Manhattan Skyline on a cold crisp Autumn morning from the top of Bear Mountain, to riding through a New England landscape to rival a Norman Rockwell Scene. Ride on, ride safe and abide.

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