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PostPosted: Fri Nov 19, 1999 6:09 pm

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Cyberman(nee Dave), the worlds only virtual reality flesh and blood superhero, was not accustomed to defeat. But Cyberman, had not yet matched wits with ****man. The ironic thing about the inevitable battle between these two titans, was that they were more the same, than they were different. ****man was, by definition, the anti-superhero representing the people of the world with twisted and unique senses of humor. Cyberman (nee Dave), fit that description, but the irony was, that like fingernails on a blackboard to some people, or the voice of Fran Dreascher to others, Cyberman could not tolerate even the sound of the word "****".
Cyberman was himself, a ****er, so the battle that was before him was unique in that he would not only have to battle ****man, but his own inner being as well.
There was an electric buzz throughout the worlds of superheros, and comedy now, in anticipation of this battle to be waged. In Las Vegas, it was not uncommon to see the likes of Superman, Batman and The Hulk standing in the same betting line as Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg and John Cleese.
Don King had contracted for the "pay per view" rights, and the stage was set now and.......

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