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 Post subject: election blues
PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2000 3:54 pm


Joined: Nov 01, 2000
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Location: taylor,mi,48180
I went down to the booth man;to see what I could do; I saw all my friends and some mooses there too;And when the votes were all cast;it had been done pretty fast; There was no winner; I got the election blues. Do we vote again? Shall we overspend? Shall we walk with those mooses from canada;I got the election blues. They call each other names ;oh how foolish is their shame. That vote is mine; Mr. Texas man; and the other called his lawyer and they all called a judge; I'm so sick and tired ;I got the election blues. Day after day the same old tv slang ; I 'm reading my mooses walking book.....for the rest of the day;I got the election blues ,so that's what I'll do. Mooses is great......

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 13, 2000 10:36 pm

It don't even make the front page no more, man. It's talked up, put up, fed up, thrown up the hands. Walked in, walked out, don't even know who what or why. Be in court till the day I die...Got the election blues...
{empathetically speaking}

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2000 12:27 am


Joined: Sep 14, 2000
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Location: Pittsburgh Pa
A few monts ago when i dident have nothing much to do ..stoped and wondered about the election ..and who would win it too...all the special intrests were making there plans .. they give money where ever they can...a million here and a milloin there and who ever wins they dont really care ....when they start talking about the things they plan to do ..some how those things dont matter to me or to you...seems like they come from another land ...and a good days work would kill eather one of them..but non the less here is what I have to say to the canidates on election day george W bush ..what makes you think you can lead this land of the free talk about integrity..was there ever white stuff in your nose ...Now a aint perfect im telling you ..i done more dope that most of you ..but see i can admit it ..and i mended my ways ...but you just want me to look the other way..and when some crisis on our country will hide form the questions ..cause from your self you will run...AND if any one is keeping score ..heres what i have to say to mr AL gore..Where did you get that campain money ....selling the nuclar secrets aint verry funny....Thomas to be turning in his grave ..look at our country look at the mess you boath made....I cant help thiking your like pavlogs dogs ..just waiting and drooling ..maby you should just skip the inogral ball ...US tax payers dont get to go anyhow....Just listen real close while they play hail to the chief..and dont eather one of you hand mr your grief..Image

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 14, 2000 10:47 pm

Senior ArloNetizen

Joined: Jun 29, 2001
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Location: Morehead City, North Carolina, USA
vote for this
vote for that
One is bad
The other is badder
I'll be real truthful
about the way I feel...
I'd rather vote
for a leaky bladder.


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