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PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2000 2:13 am


Joined: Sep 14, 2000
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One harsh Reality of life, as we humans come of age and step away from childhood..
When we find out that just about everything has a limit..
Things in nature; like the seasons , the amount of daylight , warm summer days , days we are granted to be with Loved ones , our verry heart beats are limited ..
some people have limited food ..others have limited health ..
maney people think about limited money .. stop and think ,if one man had all the money ever printed ..he would sooner or later face the fact , his fortune is also limited...I dont know for sure , but it seems the things that DON`T have limits are the verry best things to have ..and what things are they ,.you may ask ...the simple stuff like Love , Peace, and giving,..
Giving ..did I say giving ..hay that has a limit ..well it depends on how you look at it ..the more you love ..the more you will have to give away ..simple ..but sometimes easier said than done ...

Well one thing for sure there is a limit to the amount of battary power in dark blue 54 DeSoto ..and eaven if you care to Love that battery just wont give more electrical enegry that it holds of those dry facts of science ..a realized reality

after spending about an hour in Donovons bar ..Tom called his son "Hay Freddy , come on lets go " Fred was still playing the pinball machine ..and he had just drank the forth bottle of orange soda..."OK dad im comming".."See you later Leo" Tom said ..Leo responded "OK take care,.And Freddy make sure you keep your old man out of trouble " Fred smiled at Leo and said .."We dont have time for trouble ..we gotta go see Don"..

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 12, 2000 1:03 pm


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Location: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Not trying to be funny, but it sounds like Fred should make a pit stop with all them soda pops.

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