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 Post subject: poem about 9/11
PostPosted: Tue Jan 22, 2002 8:23 pm


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3000 people that I trust
3000 people turned to dust

The towers are swaying
just swaying in the wind
They say they do that sometimes
But it's different today
Today the Twin Towers won't stay

The fires were burning for months
maybe, at least it kept the dust warm
as December and January howled Downtown.
Is that just dust in the wind, or is that my best friend?

When your brain can't comprehend
What the mind's eye's seen
I thought of turning to Jesus again
Maybe He can help me find my way back
Back to the good path that I was on

I saw fighter jets outside my bedroom window,then thought "What's happened to all the people?"
"Tower one has been struck by a small single engine plane"
the long-haired DJ did proclaim,
So I ran up on a small hill.
This was no single-engine that did this, the top twenty floors were in flames.
I was then that I saw the other plane.

The ominous black bird, one second a plane, the next second a huge ball of flame.
The thought hit my forehead with an audible smack,
New York City was under attack.

I went home and packed a bag.
I knew my wife was safe in the south garden state, but to her, I did not know the course.
So I went to stay with a friend up north.

Together with my friend we discussed the news.
Together we watched the horror unfold on the tube.

The tears came all by themselves the next day.
I would merely close my eyes, and the tears would fall,
Sometimes I didn't need to close them at all....

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