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 Post subject: I had a (Scary)Dream
PostPosted: Mon Apr 17, 2006 1:41 am

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Based on a True Story. (Fairdinkum!!)

In the early hours (OZ Time,but about 3pm US EST Sun 16) of April 17 2006 I had a dream. I was in the kitchen of Ceashel and Cliffite (yeah, yeah..I have never been in their actual kitchen (yet) but it WAS their kitchen). Guess I was visiting from Oz.

Anyhoo, I felt kinda hungry,like I hadn't eaten for ages. I looked for something healthy but could only find a packet of sugary cereal (which looked kinda suspect in THEIR kitchen).I guess everyone was still asleep. (I never actually SAW Shelley and Jay in the dream).So I just started munching on this suspect cereal which was not like me 'cos I usually go with my gut (instinct) but my actual gut was overuling my instinct gut.
Well next thing I know I wake up in this kinda dark room in a bed with hospital type sheets and this nurse type person (female) sitting on the bed with a syringe in her hand!
She starts yelling at me...."Are you a member of the Guthrie Family!!!" 'Course I guess I'm kinda drugged up and nod, then she say's "Uh Huh!!!" Then I try to explain that I'm not an actual member of the actual Guthrie family but the Blunderite Family that is connected to the actual Guthrie family. ( you've all had occasion to try to explain this to someone I'm sure, not easy is it)
But she won't listen, just looks at me like I'm a loony person (which,as we all know, makes you a cert for citizenship in Blunderland) and starts raving on about how it's typical of a dope fiend to be of or associated with the Guthrie family.
Now, having never personally been a dope feind (and having only inhailed second hand dope smoke at various venues while enjoying the music of Frank Zappa, Neil Young, BB King etc. etc.)I jumped up on the bed and started jumping up and down yelling "You gotta lota damn gall insinuating that I'm a dope feind when you lot(or whoever it was who spiked that cereal)probably did this to me 'cos I'm on THE LIST because of my Guthrie and Blunderite association and your just tryin' to get some damn information outta me!!!"
I then continued to tell them "You have no damn right to assume someone is a dope feind just because they are, or are associated with the Guthrie name!! I'm outraged that you make that assumption of such an upstanding family!!! "
Well the trouble was that just at that moment at 5 A.M.(which is the time I usually wake up to go to work but hadn't set the alarm 'cos it was Easter Monday)my daughter, who was visiting from up north, was making noise to wake us up as she and her boyfriend were just about ready to set off for their drive home so I got woken up and don't know what happened next!!!!
Any idea's? Have any of you had this same dream?? Have we all been GOTTEN TO by YOU KNOW WHO 'cos of our Guthrie assocciation?? Was it really a dream or an actual visit to another 'wrinkle in time' through the eating of spiked Easter Eggs??? Would it have been torture next? What kind of torture??
They have way's of making us talk.

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