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PostPosted: Sat Aug 03, 2019 7:23 pm


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:?: More than a few people know by now,ARLO (and a young JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT) were in a show called BYRDS OF PARADISE,1994,filmed in Hawaii.

From a collector,I got hold of 12 of these and put them on YouTube. In fact,I have quite a few Fair Use offerings on YouTube which would not have seen the light of day otherwise. I get absolutely NO MONEY from those postings.

BUT there is one show which I have never gotten...the VERY LAST episode of "Byrds of Paradise". This 13th show was a sendup of Shakespeare called variously,"Da Play's Da Ting" (aka "Twelfth Night O'Whatevah"). It's been actually reviewed in a book as it was shown-only once-in Hawaii.

Jackie Guthrie told me,before she died,that SHE had a copy of this mysterious show! But I lost contact with her afterwards.

If you lived in Hawaii in 1994 or you have access to this show,I really would appreciate having it.

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