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 Post subject: the story continues
PostPosted: Tue Nov 28, 2000 1:25 pm


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She finds her friends basking (Nude) in the sun; with of course a #338 sun block to keep out the dangerous radiation levels;Gwenlili is greeted by the group with hugs and sex. Afterwards they all shower and gather to have a feast of gongo and wallu. Gwenlili looks around. She and her friends sit around an open fire,looking up at the night starry sky. They all hold hands and start singing a chant.Hmmmmmmmm,Hmmmmmmm,Ummmmmm,Ummmmmm, yuka,yuka.....Hmmmmm,Hmmmmm, Gwenlili has the gift; and it works so good when she is united with her friends. She can predict the future and she can see into other dimensions. She pauses from the chanting and looks around the fire. Then she looks over her shoulder into the dark. She now realizes that they will all soon be in for quite an adventure; Someone plays an ancient tune on a diggerydo. The sound fills the air with the smoke,and the sound of the chanting.

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PostPosted: Thu Dec 28, 2000 4:54 pm

Hialee, Chalici and Gwenlili breathe the smoke and continue to chant...the smoke starts to swirl and the sound of bells tinkling in the night emerge from the center of the whirling cloud....

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