Feb 2010

Checking In
by adg on Wed Feb 24, 2010 9:50 am
We are on the road again after the holiday break with the whole family. Everyone was so happy to be back together. We'll see if they feel that way in May. It's a tough schedule but we get to go to some interesting places.

We're beginning to put together the schedule for the next tour called "Journey On." And it looks like I'll be touring in Europe for much of the summer and fall. There's festivals and shows that will be taking me farther afield than I've been in a good long time. The only downside is that I will not be able to do our annual Church Revivals as we've been doing for many years. It's not only a conflict of dates, but we are playing in the area at the major venues this year too. Having said that, George, our director at the church, has put together a pretty impressive agenda for the summer schedule there. I hope everyone will attend when you visit the area.

Meanwhile, we're back on the trail crossing the country. I hope everyone gets to see this show with the family. It's fun!

Love as usual,
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