On Thru The UK
by adg on Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:33 am
Well, we did our last gig in Ireland at The National Theatre in Dublin. Jess Klein was the support act for the entire Irish leg of the tour and had some wonderful friends join her onstage in Dublin. Jess was great fun traveling around - looking for actual veggies in a meat and potato country. Her songs were great and by the end of the two-week tour I was playing along backstage. We left her with friends to continue our journey.

The next day we traveled up the coast and grabbed a ferry to Scotland making our way into Glasgow. Glasgow is a great city and it's too bad we're just running thru without being able to hang out for a few days. My father came thru here during WWII as a merchant marine, and there are people still talking about it. I did a radio interview and they showed me an old record (vinyl) where a guy had recorded the entire 'Massacree' 30 years ago. He knew it better than I did. So tonight I have a gig at the Old Fruitmarket then off in the morning again. That's the update. Not much to tell... It just continues :)
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